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Below are examples of clients who have mailed me photos depicting displays of wall  and
in the round sculptures in their home. To date, pieces have found their way into not only homes
 but in medical and law offices, commercial buildings and restaurants. The work is quite striking
to the public when they visit these establishments.

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This home in Escondido, CA proudly displays a family of Loggerhead Sea Turtles. This grouping is carved in Alder wood with a Tung Oil finish, finishing the side wall with a striking look from the living room. The set of three makes a wonderful compliment to the furniture and decor in this San Diego area home.
This 3d pedestal sculpture depicts a male and female Bottlenose Dolphin together in a grouping. The piece is carved in Tennessee Red Cedar with a hand rubbed Tung Oil finish. Brass tubes support the sculpture on a Red Gum and Alder base. Felt is on the bottom of the base and the piece is signed and copyright dated by the artist.  Note the beautiful Cedar coloring showing not only the red heartwood but also the yellow sapwood characteristic of Cedar.
This home in Los Osos, California displays a set of  flying Pelicans against a brick fireplace wall. Carved in Alder wood with a whitish staining the Pelicans pick up the whitish tones of the brick and give the room a sea theme.
This home in Thousand Oaks, California displays several carvings in their dining room area. Among the grouping includes two Sea Lions in Alder, Seahorses in Tennessee Red Cedar and a Sea Star in Alder. The pieces are striking against the whitish wall coloring.
This home in Grover Beach, CA displays the Orca Whale carved in Tennessee Red Cedar and Rock Hard  Maple. The piece works in the apex of the ceiling and compliments the beams. Note the octagonal window to the left and the glass doors below. Lots of light highlight this great carving of the Orca.
Also in the home listed above, the Lion Fish carved in Rock Hard Maple with orange and black staining grace the living room wall and set off the mantle below. A real conversation piece the Lion Fish is a striking addition to the home with a sea theme. 
This collector in Mesa, AZ has a wonderful collection of shell and Sea Horse sculptures in her home. She also loves Dolphins, and has created this unique collection on her wall.
This home in Fresno, California shows a set of wonderful Zebra carvings. Each is carved in Rock Hard Maple and has a hand rubbed Tung Oil finish. Note how the background color of the wall is a perfect tone for the Zebras. This is a striking set for the African themed home or just for someone who loves these animals.

This home in Canada proudly displays the Sea Otter Duo over a doorway. The sculpture is a longer piece fitting nicely in a narrow height space. These Sea Otters are carved in Alder with a whitish staining and have real Abalone shells.

This home in Canada displays the Flying Pelican set of three. Two of the Pelicans are the larger version, and they include the Baby Pelican in between for a great sea arrangement. A cream wall background compliments the Pelican arrangement. This home also has a set of Twin Sea Otters on an adjacent wall.

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