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Below are examples of clients who have mailed me photos depicting displays of wall  and
in the round sculptures in their home. To date, pieces have found their way into not only homes
 but in medical and law offices, commercial buildings and restaurants. The work is quite striking
to the public when they visit these establishments.

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This home in Thousand Oaks, California has the Sea Turtle family displayed on a large wall above a beautiful piece of furniture.  The turtles are carved in Alder wood and feature the entire grouping of three.  The wood tones pick up the cabinet and track lighting over the set really make an impact on the viewer.
A bathroom wall is the perfect location for this sea themed home in Malibu, California.  The home owners live right on the water, on Las Tunas Beach in Malibu and the window looks out towards the ocean. They view pelicans flying every day from these windows and this carved pelican looks out to sea from that window, a nice touch for an elegant home.
This home in Grover Beach, California displays a 3 pier pelican on the wall adjacent to a doorway. It occupies a spot that all will see as they enter or exit the area. The piece fits nicely in this sea home by the California Coast.
This California coastal home has a wonderful high wall that really shows off the Pelican family set of flying birds.  Flying towards the window and towards the sea is very powerful and easily viewed by others who visit the home. A nice touch over the cabinet also.

Bears occupy this home in Fremont, California. Note the salmon bear flanked by a wonderful bear mirror that adorns this space, each is carved in Alder wood with whitish staining and makes quite a statement both visually and functionally in this home.
This African Giraffe set is carved in Alder  and beautifully graces this alcove area in a collector's home in Carlsbad, CA. The color of the wood compliments the cabinetry on either side and is seen from many areas in the home. The large giraffe measures over 40" in height and both pieces were carved from photos taken at the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park
This photo shows the artist (left) with the collector who purchased the giraffe set at the Del Mar Harvest Festival, 2011...The artist has many collectors in the San Diego area
This home in Arizona has a wall with a specialized mermaid and sea theme. Note the beautiful blue background color which brings out the wonderful color of the Alder wood used for the mermaids and the Red Cedar for the crabs and fish.
This home in San Lorenzo, CA. proudly displays the Blue Whale Set carved in Oak. This couple has a wonderful collection of my work and the Blue whale set is one of their first pieces purchased back in the late 70's. The set is approximately 4 feet in length and compliments the room decor as the focal point.
This collector in Arizona proudly displays the Dracula
Castle carving. She will be visiting Europe and will actually
visit the castle. Some interesting facts about the castle
will intrigue many and may lead you to research further.
In 1897 Bram Stoker wrote the story of Count Dracula.
Stoker's story is based on the life of Vlad Tepes (1431-1476),
a ruler revered for standing up to the Ottoman Empire.

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