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Below are examples of clients who have mailed me photos depicting displays of wall  and
in the round sculptures in their home. To date, pieces have found their way into not only homes
 but in medical and law offices, commercial buildings and restaurants. The work is quite striking
to the public when they visit these establishments.

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Carved from two inch Tennessee Red Cedar, this grouping compli- ments the Koa table, chairs and Oak floor. This room in the San Diego area faces the ocean, and the whales are pointed to it.
This entertainment room in a lovely Arizona home shows a set of sea otters flanking the large television center. Note how the wall color and the television center compliment the otter colors and the black in their flippers. The grayish tones of the otters compliment the textured tiles in the room.  
This same Arizona home proudly displays the Mother and Baby Koala carving in a wall alcove. The client applied several coats of paint with a metallic tone which creates various highlights in the alcove. The grayish driftwood branch in front of the pair, and the foliage behind adds a true depth to the display.
A set of three carvings set off this divider wall between two rooms in this La Jolla, California home. This client has been collecting Richard's work for several years and created an interesting display using the the Bottlenose dolphins, mother and baby sea otters and Manatee. Carved in Alder and Red Gum woods creating a very nice balanced arrangement.
This client from San Diego displays two sea turtles, carved in Alder wood, matching the mantle below. The client was able to obtain a special carpet napping for the background giving the illusion of light filtering down through the ocean water. The pattern also creates a sensation of motion, adding realism.
This home in the San Diego area has a wonderful set of sea turtles wall mounted on a staircase landing. The beautiful stained glass lamp that hangs from the upper ceiling casts a warm glow on the trio, adding depth with shadows. The client did his own white frame molding to frame the turtle trio.
Carved from Red Gum, this grouping resides in the dining room of a home in Raleigh, North Carolina, adding a touch of the sea to the home. Note the tonal shades of the wood furniture and room accents complimenting the Red Gum set, leading the viewer toward the outside window.
This home in Castro Valley, California has a wonderful arrangement of animals indigenous to the local area. The couple has been collecting Richard's work for many years, and all sculptures are displayed in a covered atrium with plenty of light. The large, grayish branch created the "outdoors" setting. The Striped Skunk is one of Richard's newest pieces.
This large set of African Elephants graces the front room of a home in Walnut Creek, California.  Many client's have African themes in their homes and this large piece can really set off that type decor.  The piece is carved in Walnut with a Tung Oil finish and hard rock maple wood for the Tusks.

These humpback whales adorn the large wall outside a kitchen area in a home in Valencia, California.  An additional baby whale is placed in front of the set of two for a striking effect.  With off white walls, the red gum wood of these whales stands out and makes a strong visual statement.  The large set measures over 6' in length.

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