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Below are examples of clients who have mailed me photos depicting displays of wall  and
in the round sculptures in their home. To date, pieces have found their way into not only homes
 but in medical and law offices, commercial buildings and restaurants. The work is quite striking
to the public when they visit these establishments.

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A client in California displays the "Lighthouse on Rock" in a unique setting - at the entrance of the staircase to the second floor. It is a striking contrast against the light toned wall. 
The same client also purchased a second Lighthouse piece
and attached it in the second floor wall area above the staircase
achieving continuity as you travel to the next level in the home.
This is the Bass Harbor, Maine lighthouse carved in Red Gum.
One of the "Seahorse Mirrors", 31" X 47" found its way into
a San Francisco Bay Area home and is displayed in the
bathroom. Mirrors open up a room visually and are a very impressive decor item. The frame is carved from Alder and
the seahorses are Red Cedar.
These California Grey Whales carved in Oak really set off the
brick fireplace below in this San Francisco Bay area home.
The mother and calf measure approximately 48" in length.

A home in New Jersey displays the Orca's and Dolphin's
in a long grouping across a forty five foot upper level wall.
The large Orca mother and calf are seven foot in length.


This client displays a beautiful Seahorse Family in Red Cedar
wood above a bookcase. the coral is carved from Hard Rock Maple. The piece measures approximately 36" X 55".
This home utilizes white and light textures that play well
against the Boreal Owl above the fireplace. The Boreal Owl
sculpture measures approximately 26" X 30".
The Twin Sea Otters carved in Alder wood with a grayish/white staining looks great in this bathroom in a California home. The panel mirror grouping below sets off the sculpture well, also reflecting the other pieces in the room. The piece measures 12" in height and 44" in length.
The Angel Fish grouping in Red Cedar is a striking attraction
in this San Diego home. Note the wall aquarium inset in the
wall with the blue coloring contrasting the red coloring of the fish. The vertical fish trio measures 16" wide by 42" in height.
The smaller angel fish are approximately 10" by 11" in size.
The Angel fish trio, in Red Cedar is set into a wall recess. The
client commissioned an artist to paint the background complimenting the fish sculpture. The fish trio measures
approximately 28" wide by 34" in height.

These 3 pelicans (two large and one baby) fly gracefully on this Nipomo, California home stairwell wall.  Note the great wall coloring background and seascape painting below giving the entire display a wonderful sea viewing experience...the lighting on the set of pelicans also cast striking shadows beneath each piece creating depth and movement and definitely finishes the display designed by the client.
This home in Carefree, Arizona displays a wall with some unusual pieces. Above is a large dragon of Alder wood, and below are  first three versions of Skeletal Dinosaurs, top T-Rex, middle Stegosaurus, and below Triceratops, all carved in Hard Rock Maple with Cedar frames and backing. Quite a display especially with the bold coloring of the wall

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