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Below are examples of clients who have mailed me photos depicting displays of wall  and
in the round sculptures in their home. To date, pieces have found their way into not only homes
 but in medical and law offices, commercial buildings and restaurants. The work is quite striking
to the public when they visit these establishments.

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This Panda Sun Gong (in the round piece) is set in the entry way welcoming friends in  this Fremont, California home.  The piece is carved from Alder wood with sugar Pine for the panda and bamboo.  It sits on a beautiful stand and the piece measures approximately 36" wide by 37" in height.  Note the mirror in the background reflecting the reverse side of this wonderful sculpture.  The Gong is also functional.
This Carefree, Arizona collector has a magnificent collection
of Richard's work and has used several background colors
to compliment the work. She has also created a unique
arrangement of pieces against a very large wall.
This sea life motif in the bathroom of the Carefree, Arizona home utilizes the seahorse theme and is extremely striking against the turquoise coloring of the walls. Seahorse sizes range from 13" to 36" in height.
A beautiful Octagon red Cedar framed mirror works well
in the Carefree, Arizona bathroom area. The turquoise wall
tones nicely set off the cedar tones in the frame. This client
has one of the best collections of my work in the U.S.
This collector in Carefree, Arizona has a great selection and
display of the various Fantasy and exotic pieces I carve.
Note the Dragon, which is at least three feet in length or longer. The various wall tones in this home really compliment and accentuate the work.
This Carefree, Arizona collector has many of Richard's
Egyptian themed pieces. Again, the various wall tones
compliment and accentuate the work.
This Carefree, Arizona collector also has many of Richard's
African themed pieces. Again, the various wall tones
compliment and accentuate the work.
A set of two short eared owls displayed in a home in Michigan.
Note how the branch coloring picks up the tones of the cabinets and the grayish/white staining of the owls compliments the rock coloring of the fireplace.
The set of owls measures approximately 26" X 44"
This client purchased the "Sea Turtle Family Grouping" and
utilizes a blue background for the wall coloring which sets
off the turtles and creates the feeling of being underwater.
Note how the coloring picks up the counter cabinet below.
This client's home in Carefree, Arizona utilizes the Anubis
carving to compliment the other Egyptian pieces she has.
The Anubis is carved from Alder highlighted with gold
acrylic measuring approximately 10" wide by 26" high.
This home in Dublin, California depicts a beautiful arrangement featuring the African Elephant on the right hand side of the living area and the Baby Giraffe on the left.  Note the trees in each segment complimenting the pieces.  Each piece is carved from Alder wood and has a very realistic style.  the set of two pieces are very striking in the room...and gives the viewer an outstanding African display.

The beautiful vertical lighthouse carving is proudly displayed in this Cambria, California home overlooking the ocean.  It is set at the end of a hallway and is very striking when entering the area.  The piece is carved from red gum wood with whitish staining and measures approximately 29" wide by 40" in height.

This home in Thousand Oaks, California displays a striking
 sea combination of carvings, including the Twin Orcas in Red Cedar and Hard Rock Maple. To the right is a wonderful small Red Cedar Angel Fish and a Seahorse carved in Alder wood.  All pieces are mounted on a stone wall fireplace setting, and will receive much attention from company.

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