1.  Is each carving/sculpture an original in wood, signed, dated and sculpted by wildlife artist
      Richard Vest? 

 2.    How long does it take to receive a piece of the work once ordered?

 3.   What type woods are used?

 4.   What type finishes are applied?

 5.   Generally, how heavy are the pieces and how are they mounted?
   What about commissioned work?

  7.   How are the pieces shipped?                    

  8.  What forms of payment are acceptable?

   How do I get on the mailing list?

 10.  Return Policy

 11.  Can I display the carving/sculpture outside?

 12. Are the woods used from the world's rain forest's?







  1. Yes, the artist works from his own original drawings, sketches and photographs to achieve the realistic and unique style he has created in wood.

 A "Certificate of Authenticity" accompanies each sculpture and is Signed and dated by the artist.

 Each sculpture is also signed, and has the copyright year on it.  (back to top)


  2. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks to receive your sculpture.  Larger pieces may take longer.  The artist will contact you on progress of the piece periodically via email or by phone   (back to top)


  3. The artist uses various woods to achieve the desired effect.  Many of the larger pieces are carved in alder (from Oregon), red cedar (from Tennessee) and red gum (from the Mississippi Valley).  He also has used Eastern Hard Rock Maple, Sugar Pine and walnut occasionally along with other woods such as oak and poplar.   (back to top)


  4. Hand rubbed Tung Oil is the choice of finish for most of his work.  Usually 4 to 5 coats are rubbed in to achieve the desired luster.  Occasionally, on some pieces such as the Pelican series and Sea Otter series, water based clear lacquer works well for the finish.  Lemon oil works well for cleaning and dusting.  (back to top)


  5.  Most of the pieces weigh from 2 to 8 pounds depending on the size and depth of the piece.  Larger pieces such as the lions, elephants, etc can weigh up to 15 pounds or more.  On the smaller pieces brass hooks are screwed into the reverse and larger pieces have steel brackets on the reverse, ready for wall mounting.  (back to top)


  6. The artist welcomes commissions from the public, and collectors of his work or as special gifts for birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.    
After discussing the idea with the client a full size drawing (s) is mailed with a price quote to complete the work.  All original drawings are copyrighted and should be returned to the artist prior to the commission beginning.

 Occasionally, collectors will purchase the original drawing along with the carving.  Drawing quotes are also available during the commission process.

 A 20% deposit is required before starting  the sculpture with the balance due prior to shipping.  (back to top)


  7.  The artist uses UPS ground insured to ship the piece.  Smaller pieces can be shipped  U.S.P.S and are also insured.  A strong, sturdy box is constructed assuring safe delivery to your home or office.  The artist will contact        you confirming the estimated delivery date quoted by the carrier. Shipping is to the lower 48 states only, no international shipping.  (back to top)


  8. The artist accepts PayPal thru the website. Purchasers can also call and do a phone charge using their credit cards.  (back to top)


  9.  You can email your address to the artist, who will put you on the mailing list for future show events.  You can also check the show schedule on the website for dates, locations and exhibitions of the artistís work.   (back to top)


 10. There is a 2 week return policy from the time the piece arrives at your home or office. It is a good idea to save the original box as it can be useful for storing the piece during moving or returning it.  Please contact the artist if the piece does not work out for a full refund minus shipping charges and for instructions in returning the sculpture.  Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please insure the contents.  (back to top)




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